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History of Citi-Tech Singapore (

Citi-Tech Singapore is an Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance  Company based in Singapore with over 15 yrs of experience. With 15 years of knowledge and experience, our staff was trained from these major air conditioning manufactures with the brands likes of Fujitsu, Daikin and Mitsubishi.

We started from a humble beginning just using our vans as our offices. Being an air conditioning installer contractor 15 yrs ago, we concentrated in doing air conditioning service and maintenance. Service and maintenance are about taking care of our customers air conditioning before they break down and give problems. Was we service and maintain our customers air conditioners, any parts that are worn or about to break down, we will inform our customers and replace or repair the needed part or accessory. As the company first started installing air condition units into square holes in walls of a bedroom. Today, technology and design has made these air conditioners quiet and energy saving with aircon inverter and the use of efficient insulation copper piping. We continuously put our maintenance staff for courses with the manufactures so as to keep updated with new technology in air conditioners we have today. Rest assured that your air conditioners are in good service and maintenance hands.

We are glad that you have visited our website to get to know us better and we hope that you would take time in finding out the different kinds of services and products that we offer. We are glad that you have stop by to get to know us better and we hope that you would take time in finding out the services we offer.

Aircon Repair

Find more about our aircon repair service. We can repair all brands of air condition. We have 15 years of product knowledge and expertise to repair all makes and models. Many people have the wrong idea that air condition do not required any servicing till they have problems. That is when repairs are needed to keep your air conditioning working.

Aircon Cleaning

Let it to the aircon professionals to do your aircon cleaning. With proper training and experience, we will know how to service your air conditioning the professional way. Our service engineers have the experience with up to date product air conditioning knowledge from the manufacturers.

Aircon Maintenance

Sign up for a one year worry free contract to have us plan and schedule your air condition maintenance service. Let us remind and set a date to service your air conditioning. In return, it will be a hassle free and time saving inexpensive decision.


Citi-Tech Singapore with over 15 years experience in Air Conditioning maintenance and repairs and with a customer base that frequently request us for our services. We know the value, price and cost is the up most importance for our customers, because we take care of our customers for the long run.

We would like to Thank CIti-Tech for servicing our air conditioners over the years. Knowing that they are around when your air conditioning needs urgent repairs and service is always good. Thank you Citi-Tech.

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